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Mini Guide (PDF 2Mb). This is a little guide I made up a number of years back with new route information. The information is now out of date but it is still useful if you still want to use the previous Point Perpendicular guidebook.

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Beecroft Weapons Range flyer (PDF 1.3Mb). A brochure compiled by the Department of Defence with information on unexploded ordnance, bushfire safety, rock fishing, driving & cycling, wildlife, Point Perpendicular Lighthouse, camping at Honeymoon Bay and walking tracks.

Honeymoon Bay Campsite Map Printable PDF map of the Honeymoon Bay Campsite. Handy if you are meeting someone down there and want to find where they are camped.
Honeymoon Bay Campsite Map Printable PDF calendar with NSW school holidays and public holidays for 2012 and 2013

Useful Links

Currarong Beachside Tourist Park

The website for the Caravan Park. Information includes rates and a park map.

Fleet Air Arm Museum

Info about the museum including location and admission costs.

Jervis Bay Tourism

Useful index of accommodation, attractions, activities, restaurants etc.

Lighthouses of New South Wales

If you are a lighthouse fancier check out this website.


A climbing website that has a lively forum where you might find a climbing partner.

Sydney Rockclimbing Club

This website has a lot of information about climbing in NSW and is another place to look for a climbing partner.