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About Point Perpendicular

Point Perpendicular

Point Perpendicular (pictured) is located on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. The historic lighthouse and the spectacular eighty metre high sandstone cliffs make it one of the most recognisable landmarks along the east coast.

Point Perpendicular is a truly stunning place. The views of Jervis Bay are magnificent and the exposure combines with the sound of the ocean to create a unique atmosphere.

Point Perpendicular is more than just a great climbing venue. It is a tourist attraction in its own right. The pristine white sandy beaches of Jervis Bay are only a few kilometres away and the diving and fishing is first class. During the whale migration it is one of the best whale watching locations on the south coast.

Beecroft Weapons Range

Point Perpendicular is enclosed within the Beecroft Weapons Range and during military activities the range is closed to the public. Access to Point Perpendicular is controlled by a security cabin and boom gate located at the entrance to the range on Lighthouse Road. The range is generally open on weekends; however it is wise to check before you go ringing one of the following numbers.

  • Defence Environmental Rangers (02) 4448 3411
  • BWR Security Guards (02) 4448 3248
  • Navy Range Control (02) 4448 3839

Getting there

Map of Point Perp

Point Perpendicular is located at the southern tip of the Beecroft Peninsula and it overlooks the pristine white sand beaches of Jervis Bay. The nearest town is Currarong which is located approximately 10Km to the north. If you would like to see where it is in Google Maps click here to open in a new window.

The only practical method to get to Point Perpendicular is to drive. It is approximately 3 hours drive from Sydney and 3.5 hours drive Canberra. It is only 40 minutes drive from Nowra, one of Australia’s best sport climbing areas.

When to go

The temperature is generally suitable for climbing at any time of the year but the best times are autumn and spring when the weather is mild. In summer the average temperature can be a full 10 degrees lower than many inland crags and climbing with a sea breeze is divine. Hovever without a sea breeze it can be hideously hot and humid, especially on the lower cliff. In winter on a still day you can be in a T-shirt but if a stiff southerly is blowing it can be freezing.

When not to go

High winds can make climbing unpleasant, and even impossible at any time of year. It is a good idea to check the coastal forecast before going. If it is blowing from the south by more than about 20 knots climbing will be unpleasant and you will have to tie something to the end of the abseil rope just to get it down the cliff.

Camping and Accommodation

Jervis Bay is a very popular tourist destination and it is full to capacity in the Christmas school holidays and Easter, so it is important to plan ahead. On the flipside, in mid winter it is possible to have the entire Honeymoon Bay campsite to yourself.

Honeymoon Bay Campsite (Weekends and School Holidays Only)

Honeymoon BayCamping at Honeymoon Bay is only available  when Beecroft Weapons Range is open and then only on Friday and Saturday nights. The only exception is during NSW School Holidays and Public Holidays when camping is available on other nights.
Camping at Honeymoon Bay is basic bush camping and only portable toilets, garbage and recycling bins are provided. Water is not provided at the campsite but water containers may be refilled at the tap in the car park near the security gate. Wood and solid fuel fires are prohibited.

Camping fees are $15 (inc. GST) per night for up to 2 people (over 16 years of age) plus $5 (inc. GST) per night for each extra person. Children under 16 are free. Camping fees are payable at the Visitors Centre (at the entrance to the range) during office hours or are collected at the campsite by Defence Environmental Rangers.

Campsite allocation is unregulated except during Christmas school holidays when campsites are allocated using a ballot system. Application forms are available from 1 July each year with applications closing on 31 August. Easter is still unregulated and the campsite is generally full by lunchtime on Thursday so be quick.

For a printable map of the Honeymoon Bay campsite click here.

Currarong Beachside Tourist Park

The Caravan Park has campsites (powered and unpowered) as well as cabins. Other facilities include a children’s playground, a tennis court and a well equipped camper’s kitchen. It is also within in easy walking distance to the pub (the Currarong Bowling Club). Bookings are essential in the popular periods. For rates and other information consult the website. Tell them you are climbing at Point Perp for a 10% discount on camping and cabin rates.

Click here for Park Map

Click here for Price List

Click here for Shoalhaven Activities Information

Managers Rob and Erin Bell
Nowra Road, Currarong NSW 2540
Phone:  02 4429 5415 or 1300 555 515



Holiday Rentals

If you are going for more than a few days it may be economical to rent a holiday house in Currarong or the surrounding towns. Details change regularly so it is best to find information on the net.

Supplies / Services

Currarong has shops at the bottom of Piscator Avenue. There is a post office, general store, newsagent and a fish and chips shop. There is also a pub (The Currarong Bowling Club) on Currarong Road. For anything else it is a 30 minute drive to Nowra. The closest hospital is the Shoalhaven Hospital in Nowra.

Rest day activities

There is plenty to do if the range is shut or conditions are not good.

Whale Watching

Point Perpendicular is probably the best land based whale watching site on the south coast. This is because the whales tend to be close to the coast (they have to go around the point to follow the coast) and there is a great vantage point (a big cliff). Whale watching boat tours are also available from Huskisson. The whale season runs from May to November.


The walk to Target Beach (4 km 40 minutes return) is great. The walking tracks out of Currarong are also interesting.


Honeymoon Bay is great for little kids and the surrounding beaches are some of the best in the world.

Scuba Diving

There are no major rivers that feed into Jervis Bay so the water is very clear. It is also a Marine Park. There is a dive shop in Huskisson.


There is a nice little reef at Cabbage Tree Beach which always has fish.

Sea Kayaking

The sheltered waters of Jervis Bay are great for this. Kayaks are available for hire in Nowra.


Target beach is a renowned learners beach. Carrying your board 4km takes some dedication.

Mountain Biking

There are lots of closed fire trails and walking tracks.

Fleet Air Arm Museum HMAS Albatross

This place is worth a visit if you like planes and military stuff. The kids (big and small) will enjoy the flight simulator.


The Currarong Bowling Club is a good place to while away a rainy day. It has a bistro, dart boards, full sized billiard tables and most importantly, cheap beer.


Caught fresh daily, the fish and chips at Zac’s Place in Currarong are spectacular.


Catch a marlin at the Torpedo Tubes. It is famous for land based game fishing.

Climbing at Nowra

‘Rest up’ by clipping a few bolts at the sports climbing Mecca.