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About the Point Perpendicular Guide book


  • Aerial photo topos make route location a breeze because you can see the route and cliff top in a single image
  • Detailed maps with access information to help you find your way around
  • Printed in full colour with plenty of inspirational action photos
  • Star ratings. No more wasting time on substandard routes
  • Warnings for dodgy routes
  • Sport route listing
  • Fully revised layout
  • All crags and routes are listed in consistent and logical order
  • Route descriptions are referenced to easily identifiable landmark routes
  • Over 70 new routes
  • Section sewn binding for added strength
  • Fold in cover for bookmarking pages

Sample Page Spreads

sample page spread 64-65 sample page spread 90-91

Climbing Areas not included in the Guidebook

In 2003 the Department of Defence closed public access to the Beecroft Weapons Range impact area. As a result the following climbing areas are not included in the guidebook:-

  • Bombora Wall
  • Arch Bluffs
  • Sirens Wall
  • The Barnacles
  • Mussel Beach
  • Paradise Cove

Publishing Information

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Climb Point Perp
A Rock Climbing Guide to Point Perpendicular
ISBN 978-0-646-56141-7
First edition 2011
Published and distributed by Robert Dun
© Robert Dun 2011, all rights reserved.